My name is Csilla Toth and I am a Tàltos in my Hungarian tradition, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Work Practitioner.

As a child, I heard the call to healing. In my heart, I explored the possibility of becoming a doctor but that didn’t sound right. Next, I thought about becoming a massage therapist or a dentist but those didn’t resonate with me either. I loved pretending to be a teacher, and dreamed of being a lawyer helping those who couldn’t advocate for themselves. But I knew deep in my heart that those were not my calling.

My real journey started with the war in Yugoslavia. The life and the country that I knew were destroyed and with them some of my dreams, too. Yet that time brought me back to my path, to the exploration of energy and energy medicine.

I started studying energy medicine in the late 1990’s with Dr. Ljubisa Stojanovic and remained his student until I came to the USA in 2004. Here I found the freedom to pursue my love for energy medicine and began studying Reiki with the Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Colleen Benelli. With that first attunement, I knew I had found my home, my passion and my purpose.

Reiki is a powerful healing force; yet I felt the need to deepen my knowledge and understanding of energy so I took many different classes that explored energy work techniques, sound healing, herbalism, and more. The biggest impact was my own healing journey, and reconnecting with my Hungarian lineage and teachings.

The journey continues. I seek opportunities to learn and grow every day so that the healings we bring in together become more powerful and impactful.

Thank you,


I Was Created

I thought that life

Suffering and the civil war

Made me strong

But now I know that I was

Created Strong

To be the pillar that holds you up

That crumbles quietly into the void

To be reborn again with

The dawn

I was created to hold your heart

When it has a hard time to beat

To fill it up with the strength of my


That I was created with

I was created by the light of the stars

To hold your hand when you are in


I was created to see you through the

Rough patch on your


I was created to

Love you

Hold you

Cherish you

Celebrate you

I was created to be strong

I was created to hold

I was created to love

I was created for this world

~ poem by Csilla Toth