History Of Soul Retrieval

In shamanic cultures, taking care of the soul was very important.  They performed soul retrieval within three days of any major life event. Those events didn’t have to be traumatic like an accident, death of a loved one or childhood abuse; they could have been changes in people’s lives such as childbirth, marriage, a broken relationship, an argument. Shamans addressed these kinds of events by performing soul retrieval because they assumed that any person going through a life changing event had a high likelihood of soul loss and to bring proper healing to them they attended to the soul first.

What Is Soul Retrieval

As my teacher would say “The soul is like a jigsaw puzzle. We lose pieces of our soul because of stress, trauma, and change. The void that gets created by soul loss acts like a magnet trying to fill up with any energy to become whole. If you are exposed to anger, fear, greed, anxiety, unhappiness and hatred repeatedly, those are the qualities that your own soul will absorb.  Extracting those negative energies, bringing back the lost soul energy, and then teaching a person how to stay whole will not only heal the individual and restore personal power; it will begin to restore wholeness in our society as well.”

Today, lots of people suffer and are hurt on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The symptoms that get addressed by doctors and psychologists on a daily basis would be seen as warning signs of soul loss by shamans.

Warning signs of soul loss can include:

  • Anything chronic – fatigue, depression, misfortune, faulty relationships, emotional problems.
  • The inability to release some emotional trauma from the past – like death, divorce, or other loss.
  • Addictions of any kind – food, drugs, alcohol.
  • Not feeling connected to the body or reality.
  • Operations or difficulty in recovering from surgery.
  • Repetitive sicknesses, colds, flu, etc.
  • Major illnesses.
  • No sense of direction.
  • Shame or feelings of guilt.
  • Feeling of unworthiness.
  • Not feeling your own personal power.

Soul Retrieval Process

The first step in soul retrieval is to extract all the dense energies that are in the body, taking up the space that should be occupied by your soul essence. Then, I will journey into a non-ordinary reality to gather up the lost soul essences and bring them back. During the soul retrieval, you will also receive guidelines on how to care for the returning soul essence. Usually you receive a mantra that will help you stay on the healing path and you might also receive an activity to perform for at least couple of weeks or until the change in behavior sets in.

Soul retrieval package: $270