Reiki is a life force energy that brings relaxation, renewal, and healing. In this class, you will be attuned to Reiki. Through placements, your connection to this beautiful energy is established. You will be opened up to the flow of Reiki, enabling you to channel this energy to yourself and others. 

During the workshop you will experience giving and receiving Reiki treatments using all hand positions, self-treatment, scanning others, beaming, using the Reiki II symbols, and sending Reiki to others at a distance.

You will learn:

  • ·       The history of Reiki
  • ·       The Reiki hand positions
  • ·       How to give a complete Reiki treatment
  • ·       Using Reiki for specific conditions
  • ·       Reiki II symbols and how to use them
  • ·       How to use Reiki to break unwanted habits
  • ·       Long distance healing
  • ·       Dr. Hayashi Healing Guide 

This workshop includes:

·       Reiki I and Reiki II certificates

·       You will receive a pdf of a manual.

Class fee:

Reiki I – $150.00

Reiki II – $250.00

Both Reiki I and II – $350.00

Class dates:

Reiki I – 3/6/2021

     – 5/1/2021

            – 7/10/2021

Reiki II – 3/7/2021

             – 5/12/2021

             – 7/11/2021

All classes are now held online.

If you have questions email